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Tiffiany Brown
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I dislike the fact that  when I go to the grocery store most of the healthy food costs more than the junk food. I think that this makes it harder for people to eat healthier.

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What does everyone think about the issue Tiffiany raises?

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I agree that just like anything else if something cost more, especially right now during tough times people are less likely to buy it. As a nation we make it a big deal to talk about obesity and yet we make it harder for people to afford helpful and healthy food. It does not make a whole lot of sense.

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Rachel Posey
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Healthy food is more expensive, from what I hear.  I am lucky to have a meal plan so I do not have to grocery shop so much; however, I feel that a balance can be met with going grocery shopping...maybe cutting back on the chocolate is how you are going to be able to afford the apples (and trust me, I would want to buy the chocolate any day).

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It helps though when the grocery store has their "in-store" coupons.  HEB in my area puts those together every once in a while and it makes it rather affordable to eat healthy.


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I agree with Tiffiany.  I also think that more college kids lean towards the junk food cause the just don't have the money to spend buying healthy foods.  That is why I think that the schools should offer healthier foods in the cafeterias.

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Lindsey Lowhorn
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I agree, If the government or health educators what people to be healthy, they have to make it more affordable, otherwise people are not going to buy those types of healthy products in this recession.

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