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Melanie Saros
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Although some days I wonder why I work so much on top of being a full time student I feel as though the busier I am, the more organized I stay. I work four nights a week at a restaurant on top of taking 18 credit hours this semester. If I know I only have two hours before work to do my homework, I prioritize what needs to be done. My advice for all is to make to-do lists. When you feel like your to-do list is never ending just look at all the things you've already accomplished!

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Being in school and having a job can get very stressful if you don't know how to manage your time. I know from experience. In my first semester of college I worked 20 hours a week and I ran track. That’s 35 hours a week minimum I spent away from school time. So I never had time to study. Since then I’ve never worked that much and my grades improved. Also, I think getting a job on campus is very beneficial. It beats having to rush form off-campus to get to a class.

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I can definitely relate to this. I am a full-time student and I work 2 jobs, plus I am in a sorority, which is like having a 3rd job!! And at times I just want to scream because I get so stressed. But I try my best to manage my time. I have to write everything down in my planner so that I wont forget because I have so much going on, even if it's something small like; pick up dry cleaning.

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It is very hard! I am taking 20 credits, am an Anatomy TA, working two jobs, writing two theses, and am a member of three organizations and leading a fourth. It is very time consuming and makes it hard to find time for proper health maintenance, like healthy eating habits and exercising. It does help me that I walk everywhere, but that takes out time that I could be working on homework which I would have if I drove instead. As for having a social life, the majority of social activity I have is during work and during the group meetings. Any other time I have interaction socially is through texting or Facebook. It helps me to still keep in contact with my friends with out cutting them off completely because of school.

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