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Rachel Posey
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How do you help young (and older) students deal with the stress of school?  What are some beneficial stress/anxiety releaving techniques?  Are there different activities that can be incorporated into the classroom setting (especially elementary school)?

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Posts: 22

These are great questions for health education students to consider. It seems that the only way you could help your students manage stress in an effective manner is if you have some effective coping strategies at your disposal.

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Kristen S.
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Some classrooms are incorporating yoga and stretching into their daily routines. Not only is it relaxing, but it helps increase physical activity during the day. Also, bringing pet therapy animals (usually dogs) into the classroom can be very calming and you can use it as a way to teach about how to treat and care for  animals. Hope that helps.

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Lindsey Lowhorn
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I feel that if you have time management, then that is a very helpful way to reduce stress in the classroom.  Just taking a break from the classroom setting and incorporating exercise and music into the day will reduce some stress.

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