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I work for Fresh Campus at Louisiana State University of Shreveport and I wanted to get some oppinions. I know the SGLA is trying to ban smoking but I think it was a big jump to up and ban it. I know this is a hot topic so if you have any ideas or oppinions let me know Please.

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Does Louisiana State have a smoking policy in place already?  I know at Weber State (Ogden, Utah) we don't even have a policy for smoking.  Utah has the "Clean Air Act" where smoking is not permitted withing 25 feet of a building entrance or exit.  Our campus is not very spread out and nothing is done to enforce this.  A student group has been trying to get the school to go smoke free and so far it has been resisted.


This is a topic that is frequently discussed in our classes and many ideas have been tossed around.  Do we start with smoke free bus stops, how would we enforce that. Would designated smoking areas be a possibility and it always comes down to- all or nothing.  Enforcing the baby steps is often times unrealistic at any University. 


Not only is smoking bad for the students, faculty and visitors; it has a pretty negetive affect on the environment!!!


Good Luck!


Ashley Cornia

Weber State University

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I would have to say that smoking period is something that could be eliminated from all public places, however several would have to disagree with me. Smoking is not only bad for the individual but for the students and faculty around them as well. Being around people that is smoking affects me. I look at smoking a  little different, if I wanted to be around people who are smoking or smell like smoke I would smoke myself.

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Danielle Fox
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I am attending Eastern Illinois University in Illinois and am a freshman. I know that I have not been on the campus very long but I have noticed that many people on campus smoke. I come from a family in which my late father smoke, my step-father is a former smoker, and my mother is an active smoker (however only outside now). When I came to the University I was not expecting to have my asthma act up as much as it has both outside and inside class. I believe that there should be designated places to smoke and the policy should be inforced. I don't believe that is should be out right ban on smoking because it is legal and this is america and people have the right to make the choice to smoke or not. However, I should have the choice to have smoke blown in my face and the choice to not be hit in the arm or leg with a hot

cigarette butt.

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I believe the idea of banning smoking on campus is a good idea and should be put in place. This is for the simple fact that it is done so frequently. I hate walking out of a door into someone that is smoking. I also hate walking to class on campus and someone is in front of me smoking, all the smoke lingering behind really bothers me. 


Kiairah S. Lindsey

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