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I am in my first semester in graduate school for health education.  It seems that health education is very broad in terms of career choices after graduation.  what are the job trends in health education?  I am interested on focusing more on stress/nutrition/exercise, so what kind of job titles do I look for?  If anyone can guide me through this that would be a great help!!



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Sorry for the delay in response to your question. The one suggestion I give to my students is to just take a look at current job openings (even if you are not ready to apply for a job). You can find job vacancies with the title "Health Educator," for which you may be asked to assume responsibilities for various programs/initiatives. In many cases, however, you will see positions which reflect a specific area of health (e.g., nutrition educator, wellness coordinator, tobacco prevention specialist). It just depends. If you look at various job openings, try to save them on your computer, This way, you may get some idea about the qualifications and responsibilities of the job. Keep in mind, however, that one tobacco prevention specialist may be very different from another. But still, it should be helpful for you to take a look and see what emplyers are looking for so you may be able to prepare for the time when you apply for internships or jobs. I hope this helps! Maureen

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