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Need a Mentor?

Students-would you like to receive one-on-one guidance from a health educator who's "been there and done that"? From someone who shares some of the same professional interests as you? Or perhaps from someone who lives in a state where you would eventually like to work? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," then it may be time to contact one of our AAHE4Me Mentors!

AAHE4Me Mentors are accomplished health educators who would love to share their expertise with you so that you can reach your full potential as a professional. To give you a different perspective and broaden your horizons, AAHE4Me Mentors are professionals who are from universities other than your own. They are waiting to help you!

Click on a name of a Mentor for more information. If you are interested in having a particular health educator as your Mentor, simply contact him or her to see if he or she is available to accept new student Mentees. In order to give student Mentees individualized support, we encourage Mentors to limit the number of students he or she agrees to mentor.

If you have any questions about AAHE4Me Mentors, please contact Maureen Johnson at Maureen.Johnson@indstate.edu.

AAHE4Me Mentors

Health educators! Would you like to be an online AAHE4Me mentor to a health education student? Contact Maureen Johnson. Here are just some of the health educators who are AAHE4Me Mentors:


Janelle Carnahan, Senior in Health Sciences program (Public Health concentration).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Michaela Conley, MA,                                                                                                                                           CEO/Founder of HP CareerNet

Contact E-mail: michaela@hpcareer.net        

Tom Davis, PhD                                                                                               Professor, University of Northern Iowa and President of the American Association for Health Education.

Contact E-mail:  thomas.davis@uni.edu


Dr. Laura de Ghetaldi

Faculty-Department of Kinesiology, California State University San Marcos

Mentoring Areas:

  • Guidance for professional goals
  • Community Service
  • Internships
  • International experiences

E-mail: ldegheta@csusm.edu

Phone: 858-922-0147


 Paul Finnicum, PhD

Professor, Arkansas State University

Mentoring Areas: 

  • Career planning and placement
  • Teaching methods
  • Lifestyle coaching

E-mail: pfinnicu@astate.edu

Phone: 870-680-8113


Mal Goldsmith, PhD, CHES

Professor and Coordinator of Health Education at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (Retired).


Nick Iammarino,  PhD , CHES                                                                                                                  Professor and Department Chair, Rice University

Contact E-mail:  nki@rice.edu


Maureen Johnson,PhD                                                                                                  Professor, Health Sciences, Indiana State University.

Contact E-mail: Maureen.Johnson@indstate.edu

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mark Kittleson, PhD, FAAHB, FAAHE

Professor and Head, Department of Health Science, New Mexico State University 

E-mail:  kittle@ad.nmsu.edu               


Mary Jane Tremethick, Ph.D, RN, CHES

Professor, Northern Michigan University

Contact E-mail: mtremeth@nmu.edu

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer Walters                                                                                                                                                                                     Masters of Public Health Student, Indiana University (click here for more information)

Contact E-mail: jennifer_walters@live.com

Health Education Mentors Needed!

If you are a health education faculty member, practitioner, or graduate student, AAHE4Me needs you! We are looking for health educators who would be willing to serve health education students as an AAHE4Me Mentor. As an AAHE4Me Mentor, you would provide individual guidance and support for a health education student (undergraduate or graduate) online. The student should be from a university or organization that is different from your own. Graduate students are in the unique position of being able to serve as a mentor as well as receive guidance as a mentee!

If you would like to make a meaningful difference in the professional life of a health education student, please contact Maureen Johnson at Maureen.Johnson@indstate.edu.  Some of the most well-known health educators in the United States have already expressed their interest in serving as AAHE4Me Mentors, so you would be in great company!

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